OPAL Club Overview

The OPAL Club is aspiring to be a prestigious name among the recreational world around. The club spans a wide area with multifarious engaging activities with aim to provide all in one clubbing experience at single go. The club has been established to showcase the milestone of great pomp and show in the arena of recreational clubs. With time and tide, the club has constantly innovated and upgraded to bring fresh services and raise the bar of satisfaction commitment through unmatched comfort, engaging activities and arena with ever increasing and expanding.


The OPAL Club has expanded its service feathers to almost all possible social interactive dais from family and friends vacation to short outing, from party to conferences with both lawn and banquets, from dinning to resorts, from clubbing to outdoor and indoor sports, from fitness with gym and yoga to motivational shows and library, from disco theque to theatre, from events to live shows, from soup to dessert, from swimming to shooting, and still exploring means and ways to service more and more to all members to the brink of their satisfaction and search.


The OPAL Club envisions expanding its service feathers through ever evolving, expanding and unmatched hospitality to reach the zenith of contentment preferences. The OPAL Club aims constantly to be the biggest player in the segment where life is most feisty. The OPAL Club promises a red tape life for generations and years to come with enjoyable experience once in a life time. The OPAL Club envisions to service the standard of hospitality and to raise the benchmark of clubbing where spending time is augmented with rejuvenated experience.


The OPAL Club has experienced to frosty nature of routine urban life where stress kills more than nature. With this realization, the OPAL Club conceptualized itself as an ever evolving and expanding clubbing experience with unmatched hospitality services where guests can find anything and everything. The OPAL Club wishes to build a clubbing home with picture perfect moments and memories of refreshing experience to cherish for. The OPAL Club is here to make life entertaining by clubbing every moments, events and business with clubbing experience.


The OPAL Club welcomes with its both arms wide open as a mark of gesture for unparalleled hospitality. The club is developing to be the destination of your choice to rejuvenate and refresh from the routine life. The OPAL Club is situated away from city and traffic to give you a peaceful revitalizing holiday which encompasses the lush green natural lawn, trees and ponds with aquatic life adding splendid natural beauty in the already lavish ambiance. The OPAL Club presents an opportunity to enjoy the natural world free from mechanical city life.