The opulence offered in each of the rooms at this resort would make your stay away from home pleasant with an occasion to relax and unwind. Around 150 rooms at this resort in various are in categories from executives, superior, villas, cottages suite etc. It offers spacious rooms, with a contemporary feel to the interiors and amenities in them, many of the rooms/ Villas overlooks the lush green Golf Course / lawns giving a beautiful view to our guests.

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The OPAL Club

One pictures a haven of joy and tranquility as one drives off to OPAL Club. OPAL Club is a promise of unmatched ambience and attentive service that ensure you enter a world of harmony and bliss. Replete with contemporary amenities, serene and spacious landscapes, classy facilities and multiple options for relaxation and recreation, OPAL Club does utmost justice to all that it promises. Life here is nothing but unrelenting celebration!

  • Guest Room are aesthetically designed including Living Room, 24-hour room service, housekeeping, and other well-deserved luxuries.
  • Business & Board Room are laid out very tastefully and fully equipped to have an uninterrupted, productive workday. We provide workspace solutions including private offices, managerial cabins, open workstations, meeting rooms and flexible seating options.
  • Lounge with Library provides a relaxing atmosphere in an exclusive, pleasant and stylish setting. It is equipped with Wi-Fi as well as all facilities needed for relaxation, reading, study and work.
  • Convention Center build aesthetically which makes it ideal for meetings, conventions, exhibitions and related events, we also large gathering outdoor venues.
  • Ladies Club with Restaurant and card room, ideally suitable for single lady or kitty party, ladies night, theme party and other special occasions.
  • Kids Club named A’ Charrette has the brilliant USP where is designed between education and Entertainment, we call it learning by action and movement.
  • Spa & Wellness treatment services along with Thai, Swedish, Kerala therapy treatment. It’s a compete Family wellness point for your rejuvenation.
  • Sports & Fitness zone is equipped with indoor and outdoor sports that work on your endurance, flexibility and mind body coordination with latest outdoor fitness facilities in addition to Golf, Squash, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Air Hockey, Table Tennis, Billiards, Card Room, etc.
  • Food & Beverage – With internationally renowned chefs and beautiful locations, we know the recipe for perfection. Discover our cafe and restaurants for a dining experience like no other, we have All day dining Café along with multiple dining options.
  • Customized Boot camps give an opportunity for members to come together to enrich the future of their professional and personal pursuits with the right ambience for a group integration with customization.
  • Private & Exclusive – Club Services are designed separately for Golf and Elite Members with Dedicated Reception, Restaurant, Members Lounge, Business Centers, Squash Courts, Card Rooms, Table Tennis, Billiards.
  • Opal Club & Resorts offers superior conferencing amenities for the corporate world. Extending the option to hold outdoor meetings in the lush green lawns, Opal is trendsetter-provider of MICE services to its business travelers with various business conferencing amenities and transcription facility state-of-the-art conference center.
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A Great Clubhouse with World Class Amenities

Club house built to enhance the sense of style with aesthetic design, superior architecture integrated with quality and effective security layers, loaded with world class amenities and specially oriented service lines.

Unparalleled Activities

Compared with conventional Clubs, OPAL Club & Resort offers unparalleled choice of activities and facilities that blend in perfectly with your lifestyle. Specially designed outdoor sports and fitness activities engage you while indoor activities make your experience truly remarkable.

Private and Exclusive

Our club, architecture and service columns are designed to guarantee Ultra Private, Ultra Luxurious and High Security with seamless experience, aesthetic ambience and access to a host of facilities and services.

Impressive & Interactive Networking Platforms

With State of the Art Convention Services, Premium Business Centre, Plug & Play Office Space, Multiple Dining Options in addition to the pristine Golf Course and a host of high value inclusions Spa & Wellness and activities. OPAL Club is well suited for you to host your esteemed guests and their families as part of your professional and business engagements.

Enrich your lifestyle

With the Glamour of Golf, Comes a Lifestyle , that creates great connect & bonding with your family, friends, colleagues, and business associates in elegance and luxury, All at Club Rates.

A Wise Financial Choice

The access to sports, activities, stay, dine and venues at one of the best club and that’s at club rates make it a financially wise choice when you compare to the accrued costs and fragmented purchases at all the different areas you might have to visit otherwise.

Theme Night & Club Programming

Theme Night and Club Programming helps Members to interact with other Members and Create family & Professional Bounding.

Networking & Bonding

Perhaps the best opportunity and the motivation behind many Members joining our Club is the networking opportunities. Networking is a crucial part of success in the business world, interacting and engaging with like-minded people who are looking for mutually beneficial relationships; this can be the key to growing a successful business. It’s Ideal for members to expand their network in a more casual environment along with family – All at Club Rates.

Experience The Best

OPAL Club & Resort is primarily a club for business encompassing industry pioneers, leaders and professionals. The Club encourages young participants in business and professions to join the Club. Categories of Membership are designed to accommodate a number of circumstances; and are outlined below.

Feel The Difference at OPAL Club